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Pirata Group Gift Cards FAQ

Where can I use my Pirata Group gift card?

Pirata Group gift cards are accepted at all Pirata Group restaurants in Hong Kong. Visit piratagroup.hk  to see where your recipient can redeem their card.

Pirata Group Gift Cards cannot be accepted for any pre-paid events or functions, or any other online ticketing transactions.


How do I use my gift card when visiting a Pirata Group restaurant?

Upon completion of meal, when bill is presented simply indicate to the server that you have an e-gift card and you will be able to use it to finalise the balance payable. For any expenses incurred outside of the value of your gift card this will be charged to the credit card provided.


Do Gift Cards expire?

A Pirata Group Gift Card expires 6 months (half year) from the date of issue unless explicated noted otherwise during a special promotion period.


What if I do not receive an email with the e-gift card after purchasing?

If you have not selected a custom delivery time and you have not received your e-gift card via email within 30 minutes of making your transaction, please contact Pirata Group at info@piratagroup.hk  Please also check your junk mail.


How can I pay for an Pirata Group gift card?

Online and mobile payments can be made by PayPal or credit card. We aren’t able to process transactions in our restaurants, but our team will be able to assist you purchasing gift vouchers online.


Can I order an Pirata Group gift card if I live outside of Hong Kong?



Can I get my money refunded?

Pirata Group gift cards are non-refundable.


How do I activate myPirata Group gift card?

Your Pirata Group gift card will be activated automatically when it is issued by Pirata Group. It is ready to use as soon as you receive it.


Can I buy something that costs more or less than the value on my Pirata Group gift card?

For purchases that cost greater than the Gift card balance, Pirata Group will accept supplemental forms of payment.


Can I withdraw money from my Pirata Group gift card?

No. The Pirata Group gift card can be used for making purchases only.


What do I do if I believe there is a mistake with my gift card balance?

Simply email info@piratagroup.hk including your card number and details of your query.


What do I do if my Pirata Group gift card is lost, stolen or damaged?

Lost or stolen Pirata Group gift cards will be replaced if a customer can provide an original receipt and card reference number (conditions apply) and the card has not been used. Please email info@piratagroup.hk with details if you require assistance.